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Connect With Customers

via Voice,

SMS, Email, Chat, or 

Social Media

Contact Center

There has never been a better time for businesses to invest in the customer experience. Every customer interaction — whether conducted via voice, SMS, email, web chat, or social media — offers your business the opportunity to increase trust and loyalty, and build lasting relationships.

The CTS Telecom's Contact Center (CC) solution is an evolution of traditional call center functionalities and tools. Now, contact center agents and managers can streamline and automate processes while improving First Call Resolution and delivering an outstanding experience for the customer.

Contact Center

Contact Center

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The Many Benefits of Using Contact Center

While it’s difficult to argue a more profound benefit than providing rich and pleasing experiences to your customers, Contact Center also delivers incredibly valuable operational and revenue benefits:


  • Customizable dashboards

  • Advanced Call Distribution (ACD)

  • Screen pops with database integration

  • Skill-based routing, detailed analytics, 

  • and robust reporting

  • Flexible deployment options (including stand alone or Over the Top (OTT) nearly any third party non-CTS Telecom UC environment)

  • Increased revenue overall, increased repeat revenues, and increased profitability

How to Identify a Business Who Can Benefit

From Using Contact Center

Contact Center is ideal for virtually any organization dedicated to meeting increasingly high customer expectations and enhancing customer engagement. Regardless of industry or business size, Contact Center is valuable for improving customer engagement at any stage of the

customer relationship or buying process.

Some of the areas where businesses see the most immediate and/or significant benefits from implementing Contact Center functionalities are:

  • Customer service

  • Outbound/inbound sales

  • Technical support

  • Accounting and/or billing

  • Dispatch and field technician processes

Some of the most common business challenges Contact Center addresses and resolves are:

  • Increasing support or operational costs

  • Low or dropping productivity rates

  • Frequent or increasing PII compliance audits

  • Reliability & Security

  • Growing or unmet needs for advanced visibility into customer interactions

CTS Telecom's Contact Center: A Better Way to Engage

Contact Center empowers employees and 

managers with detailed customer data in a 

single, easy-to-use interface. Seamless CRM 

and database integration provides vital customer data at a glance. Contact Center’s Workforce Management and administrative tools reduce duplicate requests for data, automate routine and time-consuming tasks, and ensure adequate levels of staffing. The result is increased productivity, happier employees, and ultimately, a more positive work environment.

For businesses looking to “up” their customer engagement game, reduce operational costs, increase productivity levels and create more revenue, CTS Telecom's Contact Center is an ideal, accessible, and affordable solution.

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