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Stay Connected to Customers

via Automated Messaging &

Self-Service Customer Support

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

CTS Telecom’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables automated inbound and outbound messaging to customers, so your business can streamline basic but time-consuming tasks like appointment reminders and satisfaction surveys while enabling customers to call in and receive 24/7 self- service support.


Your Contact Center managers are looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience while maintaining efficient staffing levels to control overhead costs and keep hold times to a minimum. With CTS Telecom’s IVR, they can reduce average call time by freeing up employees to focus on inquiries best suited to an in-person reaction — leading to shorter Average Handle Time (AHT) and a better experience for customers of all kinds.

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What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response combines inbound and outbound calling capabilities to automate regularly occurring customer engagement tasks, improving the flow of information and automating redundant tasks that are often carried out in a call center, making your organization’s day-to-day activities more efficient. The versatile IVR platform is built to provide your organization with access to cloud-based applications that can integrate with any PBX and database to offer real-time interaction for simple or complex customer inquiries.

Inbound IVR
Inbound IVR enables a caller to use their touch-tone phone to interact with your database and obtain information on demand using a phone-based application. This self-service application reduces the number of basic calls that need to be handled by your agents and improves the customer interaction.

Outbound IVR
Outbound IVR is a mass messaging automation platform for voice, SMS and Email messaging. Businesses can utilize IVR to send pre-recorded messages to designated call group list, allowing for automated appointment reminders, emergency broadcasts, automated wellness check-ins, and more.

Why should you use IVR?

Your Contact Center managers are looking for new ways to enhance the caller/agent experience while maintaining efficient staffing levels to control overhead costs and keep customer hold times to a minimum.


IVR allows your customers to get fast and easy access to the answers and services they need at any time of the day without having to wait on hold or interact with your agents.


IVR reduces redundant calls, freeing your agent staff to focus on enhancing customer experiences on calls that require personable interactions. IVR also provides a shorter, more seamless experience for the customer without requiring previously collected data, keeping their valued time in mind.


Who can benefit from IVR?

Both inbound and outbound applications offer productive and affordable communications and customer interaction, making this efficiency tool a great fit for most vertical segments. Businesses in the following verticals have implemented IVR for a number of reasons, the most frequently used are listed below:


  • Appointment

  • Reminders

  • Lab Test Status

  • Prescription Refill and Status

  • Surveys

Government and Public:

  • Property Tax Payments

  • DMV Renewals by Phone

  • Law Enforcement (background checks)

  • Probation Enforcement

  • Telecommunications

Insurance & Financial:

  • Policy status & renewals

  • Payment by Phone

  • Product Info

  • Account Balances

  • Account Inquiry

  • Loan Payment by Phone

  • Payment Reminders

  • Credit Card Authorization


  • Membership Services

  • Order Status & Order Entry

  • Outbound Notifications (Voice/Text)

  • Customer Surveys

  • Credit Card Authorization

  • Shipment Status

  • Payment Status

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